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Vintage Egyptian Leather Camel Saddle Foot Stool | Egyptian Revival Period

Vintage Egyptian Leather Camel Saddle Foot Stool | Egyptian Revival Period

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This hand-made Egyptian "Camel Saddle" likely originates from the late Egyptian Revival period (c. 1880-1930) when Americans were completely fascinated with ancient Egyptian imagery and culture. It is a beautiful accent stool that complements many design choices.

The saddle is complete and in excellent vintage condition with very few minor flaws. The saddle seat is made of leather stamped with an image of Queen Nefertiti and other fine Egyptian detailing; while the wooden base is foldable, adorned with brass accents, and stained a deep cherry color.

Since ancient times, Camel Saddles have been used to ride Camels in the African and Middle East deserts, and are still part of the tourist experience of Camel riding. Although this stool is not an authentic "Camel Saddle Stool" in the strictest sense, rather it was created specifically for the selling/decorative market, this camel saddle can be used as a functional foot stool or a stunning accent piece in any room or art collection.

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