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Stunning Bronze Nuragic "Capitribu" Statue | Vintage Replica

Stunning Bronze Nuragic "Capitribu" Statue | Vintage Replica

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This Nuragic bronze statue, or "Capitribu," is a fine vintage replica of a typical Nuragic Sardinian bronze statue that would have been created in the final phase of the Bronze or early Iron Age (c. 8th-9th Century B.C.). These were often depictions of Nuragic princes, local shepherd-kings, tribal chieftains, or simply as chief herdsmen.

Nuragic statues were created with the lost wax technique and usually represented scenes of everyday life; depicting characters from various social classes, animal figures, warriors, chiefs, divinities, everyday objects, and even sailing vessels.

This vintage bronze Capitribu replica has begun the formation of a light patina, and will make an excellent stand alone display piece or a fine addition to a personal art collection.


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