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RARE Original Laszlo Matulay "Is Beautiful" | Signed & Dated (1970)

RARE Original Laszlo Matulay "Is Beautiful" | Signed & Dated (1970)

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Laszlo Matulay was a prolific illustrator, muralist, painter, designer, and educator who was regarded as New York’s most sought after illustrators in the mid-to-late 20th century.

This magnificent painting depicts three women of different ethnicities standing together, the words "Red - White - Black - Yellow - Brown - Is Beautiful" boldly painted to denote his appreciation of diversity. It is interesting to note that Matulay appears to paint each woman in similar-but-different techniques and of varying intensities, but all with flowers symbolizing their femininity. It is a personal favorite and will be very difficult to let go. "Is Beautiful" is an original one-of-a-kind painting, and signed & dated in the lower right corner (L. Matulay 70) and has been carefully matted and set into a vintage frame, but can easily be re-mounted into the frame of your choosing!

Laszlo Matulay's popularity skyrocketed following an exhibition of his work at the 1940 New York World's Fair in the "New Americans" category. His artwork appeared in Harper's Bazaar, Time, and Esquire. Most notably, Matulay illustrated Alice in Wonderland, Anna Karenina, Aristophanes Five Comedies, and Treasure Island.

Still in the prime of his career, Matulay chose to step away from the spotlight, although he continued creating artwork which he shared mostly with friends & family (such as this painting, and where many other pieces come from). Laszlo Matulay was a man ahead of his time, espousing the Modernist ideals that art had the power to change the world.

Matulay's artwork reveals an artist steeped in modernism with the loose, fluid line and color of the mid-20th century. Think Henri Matisse meets Marc Chagall or at times Chaim Soutine with his thick impasto brushtroke. His portraits are a blend of figurative realism and mid-20th century abstract styling.

This, and my other listed original Matulay art pieces were procured via auction from a private collection during the latter half of 2022.

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