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RARE Antique Egyptian 7” Terracotta Pottery Statue: “BES” (c.664-332 B.C.)

RARE Antique Egyptian 7” Terracotta Pottery Statue: “BES” (c.664-332 B.C.)

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This is an absolutely amazing hand-sculpted pottery statue of the Ancient Egyptian God "Bes" procured through an auction in the U.K. The statue is unpainted and in exquisite antique condition, featuring all of the classic design elements of this Egyptian deity, and would make an excellent central piece of any ancient civilization art collection.

Bes was widely worshiped in ancient Egypt as the God of music, merriment, and childbirth. Bes was the protector of children, and depictions of him were frequently seen in the bedrooms of ancient Egyptian households.

This antique Egyptian artifact has been dated to between the Late Period to Alexander’s Conquest (c.664-332 B.C.) by Mr. Matthew Wicks of Ancient Hands LTD, and accompanied by a PDF copy of its signed “Provenance & Ownership” document. Alternatively, it may have been made in Egypt during the “Grand Tour/Egyptian Revival” period (1780s-1930s).

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