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Original Pascal Bushayija Mixed Media Painting | Tribal Art

Original Pascal Bushayija Mixed Media Painting | Tribal Art

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Visual artist Pascal Bushayija is a well-known Rwandan artist considered by many to be the spearhead of the Rwandan artistic movement. His artwork has exhibited in various African countries as well as in Europe. This vintage (1980s) signed mixed media painting of two Rwandan men in animated conversation is made from natural products and in great condition for its age, while the original frame is in moderate-to-good condition. 

Pascal Bushayija is known for mixed-media artwork depicting traditional Rwandan culture. His style is easy to identify: simple compositions of faceless figures or cultural objects formed out of blocks of color and set within a bright background.

Bushayija paints daily life in his country with the means that nature offers him: sawdust from red wood (Ribuyu), sawdust from white wood (Umusave), the leaf of the ficus. His identity as a painter is intimately linked to his roots, while the themes reflect universal values ​​such as solidarity, help, unity, harmony.

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