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Antique Roman Iridescent Glass Medicine Bottle (c. 1st Century A.D.)

Antique Roman Iridescent Glass Medicine Bottle (c. 1st Century A.D.)

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This very unique ancient Roman iridescent glass medicine bottle. Used for tinctures and other liquids where only a small amount would be used at any given time, these bottles were often coated with a decorative iridescent paint. 

Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, these objects held powerful substances during ancient Roman times and held the power to potentially save or end life.

This RARE and must have artifact will fit seamlessly into any fine art collection!

This ancient artifact has been attested as authentic to the Roman Empire (c. 1st century A.D.) by Mr. Matthew Wicks of Ancient Hands LTD, and accompanied by a signed digital PDF copy of the ring's “Provenance & Ownership” documentation.

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