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Antique Roman Cast-Bronze Statue | Female Lar (c. 1st Century A.D.)

Antique Roman Cast-Bronze Statue | Female Lar (c. 1st Century A.D.)

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This is a remarkably preserved ancient cast-bronze statue of a female "Lar." A garland crown sits atop the statues head, her right hand holds a plate or shallow bowl, the left clutches a round fruit, possibly an orange.The entire statue is covered in a gorgeous green and russet patina. This stunning piece is dated to be from the Roman Imperial Period.

Lares were guardian deities in ancient Roman mythology and believed to observe, protect, and influence all that happened within the boundaries of their location or function. The statues of domestic Lares, such as this one, were placed at the table during family meals; their presence, cult, and blessing were required at all important family events.

This ancient Roman artifact has been attested as authentic to the Roman Imperial Period (c. 1st century A.D.) by Mr. Matthew Wicks of Ancient Hands LTD, and accompanied by a digitally signed PDF copy of the ring's “Provenance & Ownership” documentation.

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