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RARE Antique “Grand Tour” Alabaster Egyptian Canopic Jar (c. 1780-1920)

RARE Antique “Grand Tour” Alabaster Egyptian Canopic Jar (c. 1780-1920)

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This is a rare and exceptionally beautiful hand-carved & polished alabaster Egyptian canopic jar from the “Grand Tour” period (c. 1780-1920) featuring a figural lid depicting the Jackal God Duamutef. The piece is in excellent antique condition and will make an amazing addition to any Egyptian or ancient civilization art collection.

The vessel’s body and head are made of beautifully hand-carved & polished alabaster; its finely detailed hieroglyphics and etched form are expertly pigmented for a bold finish. A dark and ashy residue of unknown origins can be found inside the jar.

Historically, Egyptian canopic jars held the mummified organs of the deceased in preparation and preservation for their ascension into the afterlife. The heads of these traditional canopic jars represented the “Four Sons of Horus.” 

  • Imsety: Human - Direction: South - Houses the Liver - Protected by Isis.
  • Duamutef: Jackal - Direction: East - Houses the Stomach - Protected by Neith.
  • Hapi: Baboon - Direction North - Houses the Lungs - Protected by Nephthys.
  • Qebehsenuef: Hawk - Direction: West - Houses the Intestines - Protected by Serket.

This antique Egyptian artifact has been dated to the “Grand Tour/Egyptian Revival” period (c. 1780-1920s) by Mr. Matthew Wicks of Ancient Hands LTD, and accompanied by a digitally signed PDF copy of its “Provenance & Ownership” documentation.

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