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Antique Egyptian Faience Blue-Glazed Horus Statue (c. 664-332 B.C.)

Antique Egyptian Faience Blue-Glazed Horus Statue (c. 664-332 B.C.)

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Own a Piece of History!

This Ancient Egyptian statue of the God Horus is simply breathtaking and a must have art piece for the casual Egyptian enthusiast or collector!

To the ancient Egyptians, Horus was one of the most important deities. He was commonly depicted as a falcon-headed god with a double crown. The pharaohs of Egypt were associated with Horus since the pharaoh was considered to be the earthly embodiment of the god. In the beginning stages of the ancient Egyptian religion, Horus was believed to be the god of war and the sky, and was married to the goddess Hathor.

This antique Egyptian artifact has been dated to between the Late Period to Alexander’s Conquest (c.664-332 B.C.) by Mr. Matthew Wicks of Ancient Hands LTD, and accompanied by a signed “Provenance & Ownership” documentation. Alternatively, it may have been made by Egyptians in Egypt during the “Grand Tour/Egyptian Revival” period (1780-1930s)

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