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Antique Egyptian Blue-Glazed Faience Statuette | "BES" (c.664-332 B.C.)

Antique Egyptian Blue-Glazed Faience Statuette | "BES" (c.664-332 B.C.)

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This is a well-preserved blue-glazed faience statuette of the ancient Egyptian God, "Bes". Much of the glaze has worn off over time, and there are a few chips in the material, but the deity's image is unmistakable. This 2,000+ year old genuine artifact would make a perfect compliment to an art collection, or as a gift to any ancient civilization enthusiast.

Bes is considered a minor Egyptian God, but widely worshiped by the people as a God of music, merriment, and childbirth. Bes was the protector of children, and depictions of him were frequently seen in the bedrooms of ancient Egyptian households meant to inspire joy or drive away pain and sorrow - perhaps even scare away evil spirits.

Bes was often represented as a dwarf with a large head, bulging eyes, protruding tongue, bowed legs, bushy tail, and sometimes a crown of feathers. Bes was portrayed on statues, as well as household items such as mirrors, ointment vases, and other personal articles.

This antique Egyptian artifact has been dated to between the Late Period to Alexander’s Conquest (c.664-332 B.C.) by Mr. Matthew Wicks of Ancient Hands LTD, and accompanied by a PDF copy of its signed “Provenance & Ownership” document. Alternatively, it may have been made in Egypt during the “Grand Tour/Egyptian Revival” period (1780s-1930s).

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