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Antique Phoenician Gold-Gilt Mosaic Glass Ring (c. 300 B.C.)

Antique Phoenician Gold-Gilt Mosaic Glass Ring (c. 300 B.C.)

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This remarkable ancient Phoenician ring bears a multi-colored glass center-stone and an ornately crafted gold-gilt metal band. The band is designed as two connected bird-like creatures, encasing the black, white, and yellow glass center-stone. There is one small circular chip on the center-stone, adding to the mystery of its ancient story.

Phoenician glass was renowned in ancient times for its unique luster and beauty. The coastal dunes of southern Venice provided high-quality sand for the production of glass, as the technique of glass blowing likely originated in the first century B.C. in this region.

This artifact has been attested as authentic ancient Phoenician and dated to circa 300 B.C. by Mr. Matthew Wicks of Ancient Hands, LTD, and is accompanied by a signed PDF copy of its "Provenance & Ownership" documentation.

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