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Vintage Artisan Minoan Pressed Copper & Enamel Shallow Bowl

Vintage Artisan Minoan Pressed Copper & Enamel Shallow Bowl

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 This is a unique 1950s copper & enamel bowl made in Athens, Greece. The interior has an unusual Minoan Art Deco feel and is painted in black, cream, and red enamel over a lightweight copper bowl. Parts of the interior have been left unpainted, giving the piece an added layer of depth and brilliance. There are two small areas of discoloration due to existing for 70+ years, but they do not detract from the bowl's beauty.

This technique used is an original "enamel on copper" technique that began in ancient Etruria (Modern day Tuscany) then took on ancient Egyptian undertones before moving into this ancient Greek/Minoan interpretation.

This beautiful Greek bowl is in excellent condition, and at a demure 5" it can find space as an end table piece, a shelf display, or hang as a complimentary wall art piece.

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